Monday, January 26, 2009

The usual

Today was normal.  A little flying towards the kitchen, just trying to get my much deserved attention.  My human seems a little subdued, perhaps sad...I guess she needs a regular job...I should try to respect this and not squawk when she makes phone calls on skype.  

Now I am napping, often finding the need to make noises while my beak is nestled in  my back, official Meyers nap position.   I have to keep an open ear for when the neighbors come home and slam their doors.  I also have noticed a SQUIRREL sneaking up on the deck, eating birdseed off the ground!  Desperate rodents, can't they see the seeds are for the little birds??

I miss my friendly uncles who took care of me on Winter Break when Jenell abandoned me.  They were pretty cool and gave me all sorts of nice treats.  

I gotta  go....back to dreaming of piles of walnuts and kale leaves and bits of egg white... 

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  1. Hola tio, I mean Pio, what a prolific writer you are!


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