Saturday, January 24, 2009

Attacking my Spanish human...

He wears these SouthPark pajama pants that I just want to grab with my beak and make sure all the characters are there.  

If anyone was wondering why my name is Pio, I will share third-hand information I found out using my super hearing...Piopio means tweet tweet in Spanish, so I am basically  named Tweet  But Pio sure sounds better than Tweet, no offense to any other birds of that name.  

Today I flew right to my owner's shoulder! Above the computer, across the coffee table, right to her shoulder! I scare myself sometimes, I do not know my abilities with flight.  Silly, since I am a bird.  

I ate some cooked veggies for breakfast...mmmm...they are even more fun to throw on the ground!  When my human isn't watching I eat the dried corn from yesterday's meal, it is so  nice and crunchy.  Then when she caught me, she had to throw the other dried corn away!!  BOOO!

I hope you enjoy the photo of my on-the-wall trick!!  Note that the euros are real, imported from Spain.  

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  1. Pio, Nani here. Did those giant featherless birds nail you to the wall?!! I wouldn't put it past them, they come up with all kinds of strange ideas. Mine, for example, hang all kinds of things on the walls and then get upset when I try to shred them. They are so strange!


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