Monday, July 20, 2009

reunited with my human

Finally my human came to see me.  I was beginning to get worried that she was kidnapped by her big brother.  I saw them leave together!  But she came back.  She told me she saw many birds in the place she went...called Costerrrrica.  Costa Rica, that´s it.  She saw oropendolas, red-lored parrots, hummingbirds, and many vultures (scary!).  There were also howler monkeys.  Lucky for me, I stayed in the family bed and breakfast where the mom fed me nice veggies, fresh parsley, fruit, and whatever was for dinner.  During the evenings, to pass the time, I mumbled incoherently and she seemed to enjoy this and chatted back to me.  Funny humans.  
My wings grew out but then the dad and my human cut them back!  I can still fly a bit.  
Hurray for family reunification!