Friday, January 23, 2009

A cozy night...

in my Happy is green and fuzzy and keeps me warm on these chilly winter nights.  They make me sleep out here in my cage in the living room I climb inside my Happy Hut and dream of millet sprays and chewing plastic coin purses.  

This morning was good, although I get agitated when my human doesn't bring me the food I want for breakfast.  And she tries to touch and cuddle me before I have a change to eat! Humpf! I want my green beans and I want them now.  Do you think I want a baby carrot for breakfast and a small grape?? No way!  Finally she got the message and I ate my morning greens.  Soon after that I figured out where she keeps a small dish with chopped walnuts.  She isn't as clever as she think she is.  Now I can fly over to the counter whenever I want and get them. Ha!  Sometimes I do the upside down trick when she says "roll down."  At least I try tolerate it.  

Then we watched some TV together while my human typed away on her shiny white laptop, how I love to snap off the keys, but she gets so mad!  I wanted to listen to some music but she wouldn't let me! See the video if you don't believe me. 

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