Friday, September 11, 2009

I have been a busy busy birdy! I went to Bird Zone, a lovely pet store in Pineville, NC. There, a nice woman named Pam trimmed and filed my toenails and clipped my two longer flight feathers. It was hot and sweaty under that cloth when she used a special machine to drummel my nails. My human was more ruffled than I was. I also got some Island Treat Bird Food mix. Such a high quality mix of seeds, dried fruit and some sunflower seeds!! I love it!! My human and I then got back into the hot car, and went to another bird store, but they wouldn't let us in! It is a bird shop and adoption agency so they have strict health rules. The lady said I should get to the avian vet and have blood tests! EEEk. I think I am pretty healthy and if I were sick, my human would take me ASAP the the vet.

My human told me she went to an Exotic Bird Fair at the Metrolina Center in North Charlotte. At first I didn't believe her but then she brought me two great toys! one is filled with colored straws and small playing cards. I am chewing those up! the other toy is a lovely block with many rawhide knots. MMMMM!!

tweet you all later! I am chirping to myself while I rest atop my cage.