Saturday, June 12, 2010

hola readers

To the few who read my blog, I will let you know that I had writer's block and could not write. I was also very busy with my human who has been working more often. She still managed to take me for a week in April to my grandparents house to see the big pale dog Sophie, who is friendly to me.

Most recently I figured out that I can fly since my feathers grew in after molting. I decided to fly to daddy the Spaniard and show him my skills but he kept ducking and avoiding me. I even flew around the corner to try to catch him. But he won and I landed on the floor. Then my human got me in..eeeek....a towel...and she clipped some of my traumatizing. The boy got a nasty scrape on his chest when he ran into the bar sized counter while trying to avoid me. how can I be so scary if I am only a tiny Meyers parrot?

Soon I will be watched by my first owners while my family goes on a little trip. It should be fun to be back in Rock Hill.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Feliz ano nuevo

Happy New Year to my feathered and non-feathered friends!

I went to Virginia where I saw many animals! I even rode on Sophie the dog's back, she didn't seem to mind. Through my nice view I saw a huge yard filled with various types of chickens, some who flew even farther than me. They squawked louder than I did. For Hanukkah/Christmas I got some birdie treats sent by my Spanish human. They are yummy banana shapes. Of course my human's extended family fed me well too, tomatoes, mandarins, etc. Yum!! I tried to eat all the leather I could find, new purses, camera cases, sunglass cases.

My human left me for a few days, I did eventually forgive her, she said she went even farther north, where it snowed! I think she said it was called NewwwJirsy...

Have a squawking new year filled with healthy food and happy friends!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Birdie bread

My lovely human made me a new concoction yesterday, it was called birdie-human muffins. There was flour, flaxseed, apples, sugar, some baking soda and powder, raisins, various nuts, and milk. I loved it!! Of course I am only allowed to have a little piece per day.

Soon we are going back to the farmish land in Northern Virginia where I heard there is snow. Hopefully Sophie the puppy is too busy playing the snow and I can have peace in the warm cozy house.

I completely destroyed my straw toy! And another toy from the pet store. I am so talented. If only my humans understood my special language!

Hasta ahora for now!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I had a nice time at the funny farm in VA. Sophie the puppy continues to respect me. I did not look too much at the turkey, me dio miedo! But I enjoyed seeing the whole darn family. The little brother has taken quite an interest in me. I don't quite trust his fingers but I sure do love riding around on his big shoulders, I feel so tall!
I ate tomatoes and clementines and I tried some mashed potatoes! :) I am happy now though to be in my mansion where I have a dish to bathe in. I was tired after the long trip in the car. Besos!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bird-date, uptweetl

Just updating my loyal readers. I am doing well. Winter is coming, but I am not freezing thanks to my fluffy white feathers growing under my shiny grey coat.
I've been eating my cream of tweet, purchased when my human was guilty since she took me again to get my nails drummeled at the nice pet shop. This time there was a loud cockatoo, it scared my Spanish human.

I've been chewing on my straws, my Chinese finger traps and some palm leaves woven together that my human got me at the pet store!

Hello to Nani, the funny caique!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update with the pup from South Charlotte

My theme song should be: "Lord I was born a traveling bird..." (thank you Allman Bros). I am updating from my human's friends' home in the Dilworth area. They apparently had to take me here because my apartment carpet is being cleaned (I'll believe it when I see it). At this house, there are two humans, a boy and a girl, they talked to me for a bit. But there is also a little fluffy dog who barks at me for no reason. I chirped back at her and she woofed again! Strange! I think she wants to play but my kind don't play with her kind. It would be unfair. My human did visit me but she also seemed to like this fluffball and they even went on a walk together... while I had to stay inside. Such is life. For now I will try to sit tight until I can return to my home in the Timbers. :) Pio chirping off for now...

Friday, September 11, 2009

I have been a busy busy birdy! I went to Bird Zone, a lovely pet store in Pineville, NC. There, a nice woman named Pam trimmed and filed my toenails and clipped my two longer flight feathers. It was hot and sweaty under that cloth when she used a special machine to drummel my nails. My human was more ruffled than I was. I also got some Island Treat Bird Food mix. Such a high quality mix of seeds, dried fruit and some sunflower seeds!! I love it!! My human and I then got back into the hot car, and went to another bird store, but they wouldn't let us in! It is a bird shop and adoption agency so they have strict health rules. The lady said I should get to the avian vet and have blood tests! EEEk. I think I am pretty healthy and if I were sick, my human would take me ASAP the the vet.

My human told me she went to an Exotic Bird Fair at the Metrolina Center in North Charlotte. At first I didn't believe her but then she brought me two great toys! one is filled with colored straws and small playing cards. I am chewing those up! the other toy is a lovely block with many rawhide knots. MMMMM!!

tweet you all later! I am chirping to myself while I rest atop my cage.