Thursday, January 22, 2009

Later today...

My human went out for a while, I think she goes to volunteer as an interpreter because sometimes she talks to me in English and Spanish.  Today the weather was much better, there was a only a small draft coming in from the door with air in the 50s.  I get confused sometimes when my human talks to me in English and then Spanish.  Once I thought I understood when she says "un beso" but then I am not sure. 

I hear when she comes home with the other human, I can hear them coming up the stairs, occasionally with grocery bags.  I always chirp to say hello and so they remember to open  the main door of my penthouse.  Usually when there are grocery bags I get ignored for a while and I hear shuffling around in the kitchen, but after that my human brings me a treat, maybe a green bean or a walnut.  Walnuts are one of my favorite foods!! I will let my human do that stupid trick where I go upside down for a few seconds just so I can get a little piece of one.  

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