Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i want my meat!

Did I mention how much I love meat?  I eat chicken, egg whites, and boca burger....mmmmm, I don´t think my ancestors in Africa were carnivores but here in America we do whatever we want.  
My human left the country music station on for me this morning while she was out running errands.  I am not sure how much I actually like the music, but I stared at the wires a long time in hopes they would move closer to me so I could take a bite.  Chewing through wires feels so good, that is why my human tries very hard to keep my away from her white headphones that now have pieces of tape wrapped around my bite marks..heheheh.   Chewing hair bands is one of my other favorite games, I go on my human´s shoulder and grab her ponytail just to get the rubber band and then break right through that gummy elastic....nothing better!

I am going to eat a grape right now and make a huge mess all over the floor...I love hearing the slam when an object hits the ground.  

Monday, January 26, 2009

The usual

Today was normal.  A little flying towards the kitchen, just trying to get my much deserved attention.  My human seems a little subdued, perhaps sad...I guess she needs a regular job...I should try to respect this and not squawk when she makes phone calls on skype.  

Now I am napping, often finding the need to make noises while my beak is nestled in  my back, official Meyers nap position.   I have to keep an open ear for when the neighbors come home and slam their doors.  I also have noticed a SQUIRREL sneaking up on the deck, eating birdseed off the ground!  Desperate rodents, can't they see the seeds are for the little birds??

I miss my friendly uncles who took care of me on Winter Break when Jenell abandoned me.  They were pretty cool and gave me all sorts of nice treats.  

I gotta  go....back to dreaming of piles of walnuts and kale leaves and bits of egg white... 

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Vaya!  Esos seres humanos!  They came back at 12.30am and woke me up! I was livid, so then I had to eat some more seeds and watch them to make sure they were behaving.  We watched some Seinfeld until they fell asleep.  Until finally it was light out enough to start making some morning noise...and eat my orange for breakfast.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Attacking my Spanish human...

He wears these SouthPark pajama pants that I just want to grab with my beak and make sure all the characters are there.  

If anyone was wondering why my name is Pio, I will share third-hand information I found out using my super hearing...Piopio means tweet tweet in Spanish, so I am basically  named Tweet  But Pio sure sounds better than Tweet, no offense to any other birds of that name.  

Today I flew right to my owner's shoulder! Above the computer, across the coffee table, right to her shoulder! I scare myself sometimes, I do not know my abilities with flight.  Silly, since I am a bird.  

I ate some cooked veggies for breakfast...mmmm...they are even more fun to throw on the ground!  When my human isn't watching I eat the dried corn from yesterday's meal, it is so  nice and crunchy.  Then when she caught me, she had to throw the other dried corn away!!  BOOO!

I hope you enjoy the photo of my on-the-wall trick!!  Note that the euros are real, imported from Spain.  

Friday, January 23, 2009

A cozy night...

in my Happy is green and fuzzy and keeps me warm on these chilly winter nights.  They make me sleep out here in my cage in the living room I climb inside my Happy Hut and dream of millet sprays and chewing plastic coin purses.  

This morning was good, although I get agitated when my human doesn't bring me the food I want for breakfast.  And she tries to touch and cuddle me before I have a change to eat! Humpf! I want my green beans and I want them now.  Do you think I want a baby carrot for breakfast and a small grape?? No way!  Finally she got the message and I ate my morning greens.  Soon after that I figured out where she keeps a small dish with chopped walnuts.  She isn't as clever as she think she is.  Now I can fly over to the counter whenever I want and get them. Ha!  Sometimes I do the upside down trick when she says "roll down."  At least I try tolerate it.  

Then we watched some TV together while my human typed away on her shiny white laptop, how I love to snap off the keys, but she gets so mad!  I wanted to listen to some music but she wouldn't let me! See the video if you don't believe me. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Later today...

My human went out for a while, I think she goes to volunteer as an interpreter because sometimes she talks to me in English and Spanish.  Today the weather was much better, there was a only a small draft coming in from the door with air in the 50s.  I get confused sometimes when my human talks to me in English and then Spanish.  Once I thought I understood when she says "un beso" but then I am not sure. 

I hear when she comes home with the other human, I can hear them coming up the stairs, occasionally with grocery bags.  I always chirp to say hello and so they remember to open  the main door of my penthouse.  Usually when there are grocery bags I get ignored for a while and I hear shuffling around in the kitchen, but after that my human brings me a treat, maybe a green bean or a walnut.  Walnuts are one of my favorite foods!! I will let my human do that stupid trick where I go upside down for a few seconds just so I can get a little piece of one.  

Hello and squawk, welcome, chirp, to my blog page

Hola, my  name is Pio.  I am a Meyers parrot, I live with my human Jenell in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

My photo is above, aren't I cute?  I had a big molt after this photo was taken so my coloring is a little different.  

Today has been busy so far, I decimated a gum box, I think it was Stride, nice and green! Smelled like spearmint!  I am learning how to fly again since my human let my wings grow out.  I hopped over to the couch where my human left her jacket and I am probably going to bite a hole in it and she will come over and take me away, put me back on my cage.  I will show you my Pio penthouse a little later.  

Today I did a new trick, I flew onto the wall and hung on on to a postcard, but then I bit it adn it fell down, along with me.  I think my human took a video although I wasn't paying too much attention to her, I just wanted to eat the euros that my other human tacked to the wall.