Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars are over and they were great!

I stayed up to watch half of the Oscars with my humans. Then they said, "birdy go night night" and I dozed off in my Happy Hut.

But I was informed this morning that SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE won best picture. So happy!!!


 = happy birdy and human!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

they left me for a puppy

I have this hunch that they keep sneaking off to take care of Anne's puppy Kadi.  I am sure she is cute and all, but she couldn't possibly be cuter than me, such a little ball of feathers I am!

They did leave me proper food and water, big red grapes and a lovely green bean.  My newest food is tofu.  Although I have done some research that shows tofu and soy products make birds like me more hormonal.  my humans would not want to deal with me then.  I will just limit my soy intake each day.  

My human got me a new toy which I shredded up very quickly.  I didn't even know I loved popsicle sticks, and these ones had colors! Wow.  My life is pretty good right now.  Can't wait for spring weather to soak up some Vitamin D on the porch. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my loving human is back!!!

My human is back from her trip. How I missed her scratches on my neck...and her loving attention.  But I must say, I feel like I have bonded with the European of the house.  He even cleaned my cage..I make such a big mess.  So now life has resumed as usual.  I chirp, she translates.  Then it is dinner time.  So relaxing.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

it is almost my birdday!

I am a full fledged adolescent, I was born in Feb 2007, but I do not know the exact date.  I had my big molt already so I think my coloring is the adult one, although I like to think its prettier than other Meyers parrots.  I try to keep the yellow on my head and the top of my wings in shape, nice and preened.  

Today I voluntarily climbed on to my Spanish human's arm so I could get off the floor.  I really hate being on the floor.  He enticed me with a walnut.  We are scared of each other, I could tell he did not like me from day one, so I decided that I would pretend to not like him. So there! Hmpf!

In case you are wondering what my human looks like, here is one photo, more to come soon!  She lets me get into her hair, even if only for a moment.  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheese curls

They won't share their CHEESE CURLS!!!!  

I tried so hard to get one and then my human snatched it right out of my mouth.  How can they expect me to stand by quietly as they crunch away...I ran to the bag, and tried to get them to spill out, then I ran to my humans mouth as she tossed the small handful inside, I hear the crunching and I know I am too late....then she tried to satisfy me with a Rice Chex, but I am easily pleased so I ate it.  I am so gullible.  

Today I got a new perch made of natural wood that I can chew.  It is up high in my birdy-penthouse so I can reign over everyone. That made today so much better!  squawkyalater.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

a lonely day...

My humans left me alone for almost the whole day :(  I am learning to like the country music station though.  They went out to eat paella with other Spanish people.  They came back with groceries and the only thing I got was a mustard green leaf.  It´s a little outrageous, don´t you think?  I miss seeing humans around my cage all day.  Besides you can see humans everywhere, even on TV, but how many Meyers parrots can you see on a daily basis?

Random comment: Jenell and I both love popcorn, fresh from the air popper purchased by her for $2 at the Salvation Army.  It works perfectly and I looooove eating and destroying those little white puffs.