Saturday, June 12, 2010

hola readers

To the few who read my blog, I will let you know that I had writer's block and could not write. I was also very busy with my human who has been working more often. She still managed to take me for a week in April to my grandparents house to see the big pale dog Sophie, who is friendly to me.

Most recently I figured out that I can fly since my feathers grew in after molting. I decided to fly to daddy the Spaniard and show him my skills but he kept ducking and avoiding me. I even flew around the corner to try to catch him. But he won and I landed on the floor. Then my human got me in..eeeek....a towel...and she clipped some of my traumatizing. The boy got a nasty scrape on his chest when he ran into the bar sized counter while trying to avoid me. how can I be so scary if I am only a tiny Meyers parrot?

Soon I will be watched by my first owners while my family goes on a little trip. It should be fun to be back in Rock Hill.