Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i want my meat!

Did I mention how much I love meat?  I eat chicken, egg whites, and boca burger....mmmmm, I don´t think my ancestors in Africa were carnivores but here in America we do whatever we want.  
My human left the country music station on for me this morning while she was out running errands.  I am not sure how much I actually like the music, but I stared at the wires a long time in hopes they would move closer to me so I could take a bite.  Chewing through wires feels so good, that is why my human tries very hard to keep my away from her white headphones that now have pieces of tape wrapped around my bite marks..heheheh.   Chewing hair bands is one of my other favorite games, I go on my human´s shoulder and grab her ponytail just to get the rubber band and then break right through that gummy elastic....nothing better!

I am going to eat a grape right now and make a huge mess all over the floor...I love hearing the slam when an object hits the ground.  

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