Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello and squawk, welcome, chirp, to my blog page

Hola, my  name is Pio.  I am a Meyers parrot, I live with my human Jenell in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

My photo is above, aren't I cute?  I had a big molt after this photo was taken so my coloring is a little different.  

Today has been busy so far, I decimated a gum box, I think it was Stride, nice and green! Smelled like spearmint!  I am learning how to fly again since my human let my wings grow out.  I hopped over to the couch where my human left her jacket and I am probably going to bite a hole in it and she will come over and take me away, put me back on my cage.  I will show you my Pio penthouse a little later.  

Today I did a new trick, I flew onto the wall and hung on on to a postcard, but then I bit it adn it fell down, along with me.  I think my human took a video although I wasn't paying too much attention to her, I just wanted to eat the euros that my other human tacked to the wall.  

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  1. Hello Pio!
    You look quite sophisticated at the picture, that's how a blogger should look. Like your humans, right.

    And don't bite the euros, your human will get angry :)


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