Monday, March 9, 2009

weekend trauma

Well, this weekend was so traumatic that I could barely bring myself to write about it.  My loving human took me on an excursion to that pet shop, where they not only clipped my nails but they clipped my WINGS.  My human just about cried when the man did it, but they weren't her wings.  Then she took me to visit this little doggie who wished she could eat me.  Finally I got home, and I tried to fly to the kitchen but I fell to the floor.  So sad :(  I also could not balance that well on my perches when I tried to get to my food cup. ahhhhhhh.

But I will recover in a few days.  I was also a little traumatized when my human left me outside for a while.  The weather sure was nice, I wish I could go to the park with Kadi the puppy.  Que vida es ser un loro tan bonito...

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