Saturday, February 21, 2009

they left me for a puppy

I have this hunch that they keep sneaking off to take care of Anne's puppy Kadi.  I am sure she is cute and all, but she couldn't possibly be cuter than me, such a little ball of feathers I am!

They did leave me proper food and water, big red grapes and a lovely green bean.  My newest food is tofu.  Although I have done some research that shows tofu and soy products make birds like me more hormonal.  my humans would not want to deal with me then.  I will just limit my soy intake each day.  

My human got me a new toy which I shredded up very quickly.  I didn't even know I loved popsicle sticks, and these ones had colors! Wow.  My life is pretty good right now.  Can't wait for spring weather to soak up some Vitamin D on the porch. 

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