Saturday, February 7, 2009

it is almost my birdday!

I am a full fledged adolescent, I was born in Feb 2007, but I do not know the exact date.  I had my big molt already so I think my coloring is the adult one, although I like to think its prettier than other Meyers parrots.  I try to keep the yellow on my head and the top of my wings in shape, nice and preened.  

Today I voluntarily climbed on to my Spanish human's arm so I could get off the floor.  I really hate being on the floor.  He enticed me with a walnut.  We are scared of each other, I could tell he did not like me from day one, so I decided that I would pretend to not like him. So there! Hmpf!

In case you are wondering what my human looks like, here is one photo, more to come soon!  She lets me get into her hair, even if only for a moment.  

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