Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update with the pup from South Charlotte

My theme song should be: "Lord I was born a traveling bird..." (thank you Allman Bros). I am updating from my human's friends' home in the Dilworth area. They apparently had to take me here because my apartment carpet is being cleaned (I'll believe it when I see it). At this house, there are two humans, a boy and a girl, they talked to me for a bit. But there is also a little fluffy dog who barks at me for no reason. I chirped back at her and she woofed again! Strange! I think she wants to play but my kind don't play with her kind. It would be unfair. My human did visit me but she also seemed to like this fluffball and they even went on a walk together... while I had to stay inside. Such is life. For now I will try to sit tight until I can return to my home in the Timbers. :) Pio chirping off for now...

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